Dense Coat Configuration.

This work is an alternative configuration of my project gravestone wolves dark pools commissioned for The Political Animal event at The Showroom gallery London, and fully supported by the Arts Council, curated by Olga Koroleva, this work has also been shown in Pit Stop on the Way to Dancing with the Cosmic Forces, a group show curated by Marta Barina.

The project contained the metaphor or personification of someone being called a wolf, as the narrative unfolds the plot thickens and starts referring to specific places and situations, although never named directly. All narratives could serve as models or case studies to explore alternative outcomes and configurations, the coat occurred as a context or environment for an audience to sit comfortably and listened to a narrative while the coat is hinting towards its own, like an object actor, a modular system. Like the face on the surface of Mars, it invites us to consider causality randomness or projections on seemingly random schemes.